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December 12, 2014

There is a There There, Closing Reception, Friday Dec. 12

There_is_a_There_There front



2889 Ford Street, third floor
Oakland, California 94601

Help us celebrate this very special exhibit at the closing artist reception! This end of year salon-style show gives a nod to Gertrude Stein’s philosophy of living with art by creating environments in the gallery by Bay Area artists who have an affiliation with the gallery (and are primarily from Oakland).
Work in the exhibit  includes painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, art furniture, textiles and jewelry.

Shop local and give the gift of art for the holidays!

Steven Andresen      Rick Arnitz      Anne Austin    Jennifer Bain     Suzy Barnard    Susan Brady    Jamey Brzezinski     Becky Calandri    BettyJo Costanzo     Betsy Davidson    Larry Davidson     Philip Dow     Tim Englert      Jan Erion      Olga Evanusa-Rowland     Susan Felter     Lorrie Fink     Shelley Gardner     Sonia Gill      Dari Gordon     Josh Greenberg    Ake GrunditzLeslie Grunditz    Naomi Grunditz    Katie Hawkinson     Judith James    Betsy Kellas    Cay Lang       Carol Lefkowitz      Judy Levit      Lynn McGeever     Ethan McGuire    Henry McGuire    Jill McLennan      Alison McLennan     Dorie Meister       Susan Moyski     Julia Nelson-Gal     Jane Norling      Deborah O’Grady     Ellen Oppenheimer      Eben Ostby      Susan Parish      Ginny Parsons      Jude Pittman      Bruce Pizzichillo      Fernando Reyes       Jenny Sampson      Susan Scott      Carol Lee Shanks       King Shrub      Simone Simon     Tracey Snelling       Amy Sollins     Styrous     Ed Ford Summerfield     Cuong Ta     Susan Tuttle     Christine Watten     Jan Watten     Tom White     Stephanie Williamson    John Wood     Karyn Yandow     June Yokell

Please visit Gray Loft’s Facebook page to see installation photos of the exhibit.